Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lacey Cakes

I picked up an order from Lacey Cakes today for Tyler's birthday, my husband for those that don't know, and I have to say I was not disappointed! Am I the only one that expects cupcakes to be a little dry? I mean the middle may be moist but usually the bottom and sides are dry, at least in my case. Especially when I buy them from the store. I bit into the cupcake from Lacey Cakes and lets just say that I have a new standard for cupcakes! Not one single bit of that cupcake was dry! They were so moist and delicious, the frosting was superb as well. I highly recommend buying from Lacey Cakes if you're looking for an excellent product. Not some cheap imitation from the chain stores. Home made is the way to go let me tell you, Lacey Cakes makes her cakes and cupcakes all from scratch and it does make a huge difference. Thank you Lacey Cakes for your very yummy cupcakes! We will order from you again soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Elena is almost 17 months old! My little niece is growing far too fast. Here are some recent pictures of her!

Best Sweet Tea in the South? is a blog I happened upon the other day. I browse blog's frequently for those that don't know. Never know what you'll find! I love sweet tea, although I sweeten mine with splenda, what southern girl doesn't love sweet tea? So when I saw Perfect Sweet Tea of course I had to check it out!
 Let me tell you I was skeptical at first, I was thinking to myself 'This is not gonna taste any different than mine, OR it's gonna be terrible.' I'm so enthusiastic, can't ya tell? :) Well I tried it, I used the secret ingredient like it instructs. I'll tell you what it was definitely some of the BEST sweet tea I've had yet. I like freshly sliced lemon's in mine sometimes, even without the lemon though this is some good sweet tea y'all. (Yes I drink my sweet tea from mason jars.) The secret ingredient definitely cuts out the bitterness, and the tea is just smooth as can be. Check it out if you get the chance, the somethin' somethin' that makes it smooth is something you should have sittin' in your pantry already. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thank you Dana for sharing this.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lacey Cakes

Alright y'all I have to tell you about some of the best cakes and cupcakes around. Lacey cakes! They are so delicious, beautiful, and so moist. Lacey dreams of having her own bakery one day, with the way she's going I can see that happening very soon. When Lacey's not making cakes she's raising two beautiful boys with her husband David. She makes anything from a S'mores cupcake to a Vanilla Banana Cream Cake. Sound yummy? It's making my mouth water just writing it! Enough talking let's take a look at these scrumptious creations! Check out her Facebook page 

Here are some of her amazing creations:

Watermelon cupcake anyone? Umm yesss please!